I was OK with math until the 5th grade.Fractions, they’ll get ya every time.But I managed to survive through those and then pre-algebra and algebra, geometry and algebra-2.OK, enough math; I had no clue I was being taught to oppress with numbers!

IN A HANDBASKET bring us a follow up to yesterday’s gender neutral bathroom story.We go to Pennsylvania where the Brits have nothing on the Keystone State.

A Texas father must be devastated as his son will be forced into gender transition at seven years of age.

What’s in a word?How about jail time?Yep, here in the land of the first amendment apparently being offensive can now result in criminal charges.Some people believe it should.

Florida’s senate will make the final call on Sheriff Scott Israel today.We’ll see if it’s a party line vote or if legislators actually think their way through this.

Oh, and lest we forget, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY so what’s on your mind?It’s your day to throw any topic you like at us.What’s it going to be?


Math: a racial oppression tool

In a Handbasket:

·PA district spending $2.4m to go gender neutral

Dad can’t protect son from forced gender reassignment

Offensive, yes- Criminal, no (but it is)

Senate makes call on Israel today

Legislative reaction to:

·Judge Hinkle’s election decision

·Teacher pay

600 violations, 38 people in Clinton email case

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