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Wendy's Workers Held At Gunpoint

(Palm Bay, FL) -- A search is underway to find two men who held Wendy's workers at gunpoint in Brevard County. Palm Bay police say two masked and armed men robbed a Wendy's early yesterday on Palm Bay Road. Three or four workers had guns pointed at them as the suspects robbed the safe. No one was hurt. 

Woman Who Boarded Plane Without Ticket Speaks Out

(Orlando, FL) -- Details on an incident at Orlando International Airport that led to an FBI investigation may remain a mystery. A woman was removed from a Delta flight to Atlanta over two weeks ago when she couldn't provide a boarding pass or ID. In an interview yesterday, she offered no proof that she bought a ticket for the flight, and she told News 6 the TSA and Delta are at fault for allowing her to get past their security with just a selfie on her cellphone. The FBI, TSA, Delta, Orlando Police and OIA all investigated, but no one is releasing details.

SpaceX To Offer Satellite Internet Service By Mid-2020

(Hawthorne, CA) -- SpaceX is hoping to launch satellite internet service by next year. It all depends on how many satellites are in orbit. The current number is 60 but the company was just approved for an extra 30-thousand satellites. That will require a few more missions. It's too early to talk price but excitement is building after CEO Elon Musk sent a tweet through space. He even followed it up by saying "Whoa, it worked."

TPD Investigating Incident With Homeowner

(Tampa, FL) -- An incident with a Tampa homeowner is now the focus of a police investigation. Linda Meade called police two weeks ago after she found people living in her vacant home on South Himes Ave without her permission. Police, though, told Meade she had to leave, and when she returned the next day, she was handcuffed for allegedly threatening those inside the home. Police eventually confirmed Meade was the owner and kicked out the trespassers, but Meade filed a complaint, and ABC Action News reports internal affairs is reviewing the incident. 

Doctors Seeing More Scooter-Related Injuries At TGH

(Tampa, FL) -- The effects of Tampa's new e-scooter program can be seen at a local emergency room. Records from Tampa General Hospital show the number of injuries from scooters have gone up 700-percent since May. That's when the city started an e-scooter rental program, though not all the injuries are related to e-scooters. Still, one doctor says e-scooters are largely to blame, and he recently told News Channel 8 most injuries can be prevented if riders would wear helmets.

Student, Teacher Involved In Classroom Fight

(Homestead, FL) -- A Miami-Dade County woman is in disbelief after learning what happened to her son at school. The woman's 14-year-old son was in a fight with a substitute teacher two weeks ago at Homestead Middle School. The teacher is no longer in the classroom, and the school district is investigating. The boy's mother tells 7News she wants the teacher fired so he can't hurt another child. 

FSU AD Addresses Taggart's Future

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Rumors surrounding FSU football are complete nonsense. That's what Athletic Director David Coburn said yesterday about online reports that the school is looking to buy out head coach Willie Taggart and hire Urban Meyer. Coburn tells the Democrat the school has not been in contact with Taggart's agent to discuss a buyout, and he also says if Taggart were to leave, Meyer would not be their target. Coburn also urged fans to ignore the rumors and focus on coming out to support the team. 


2015, ESPN pulled its content from YouTube over rights issues.

1991, Clarence Thomas was sworn in as the nation's 106th Supreme Court Justice.

1979, Monty Python's "Life of Brian" opened in theaters across the U.S.

1973, President Richard Nixon agreed to turn over White House tape recordings to Watergate judge John Sirica.

1941, Walt Disney's animated classic "Dumbo" was released in theaters across the U.S.

1915, 25-thousand women marched in New York City demanding the right to vote.

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