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It’s a new day for WMMB. 92.7 is our new FM home and it’s a stronger signal on a tall tower giving WMMB a greater FM reach in Central and South Brevard. As you’re out and about, give it a try and tell your friends about this new location for WMMB. For areas north and south, 1240 and 1350 AM are both still WMMB covering all of Brevard.

We are taking the opportunity with this new signal to introduce a new feature on the show.It’s called IN A HANDBASKET and it will feature stories that make us wonder just what the heck we are doing in America today.Light hearted or deadly serious, IN A HANDBASKET will take a look at how stupid things are impacting our society in the hope that we’ll be smart enough to correct them before the trip is over!

Civility is the mantra of today; I even heard it from the pulpit this weekend.We open the day with big dose of what the left sees as civility.We often hear the only thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with one.While that is probably the preferred method, it’s not the only one.

I don’t know how else to put it, Mitt Romney is a sneaky little twerp and he’s not very smart about it, either!

A Florida Senate panel has recommended former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel stay off the job.The full senate now considers the sheriff’s fate.We’ll also see legislative reaction to US District Judge Robert Hinkle’s order that, while the law requires restitution and costs be paid before a felon regains the right to vote, the state must let the indigent felon in the voting booth anyway.

Welcome to a new day for WMMB!We’re honored to have you along.


Here’s some civility for you

In a Handbasket: Always a woman to me

In a Handbasket: Gender neutral restrooms negatively impact girls

It doesn’t always take a good guy with a gun, but it helps

Mitt’s a sneaky little twerp

…and it has an impact

FL Senate panel recommends Israel remain off job

Legislative reaction to:

·Judge Hinkle’s election decision

·Teacher pay

600 violations, 38 people in Clinton email case

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