When Snowflakes Teach and Activists Preach

If you follow the NFL you can’t help but notice that the most protected position in the sport has a glaring number of players out for injuries.If you think the NFL has issues protecting the quarterback certainly isn’t one of them.So what gives?

In a sad day for England, well one town there anyway, Chick-fil-A is on the way out.The LGBT masses control the town, it seems.

In numbers greater than those injured NFL quarterbacks, there seems to be a lot of teachers having sex with their students.The recent Volusia story of such an incident got me to thinking why.I may have stumbled onto an answer.

Melbourne PD has lost an experienced officer over an utterance he should not have made, but nobody was there to hear.Nobody but Big Brother was there to hear.

An openly gay teacher has been fired from a local Christian school.What did she expect?

Health First is the monster in Brevard healthcare.Battles with competitors and employees alike are not unusual.What is different is a recent email from a detractor who says the email isn’t his.But who sent it…and why?

Florida election law is being dictated from the Federal Bench.This is a sad thing and is another reason legislating through constitutional amendment is stupid.Forget restitution before your attacker gets to vote.The amendment has been misapplied and the judge’s own beliefs are now on the way to becoming law.


NFL’s most protected out in big numbers

LGBT group ousts Chick-fil-A in England

When Snowflakes teach- maturity an issue?

Melbourne officer resigns: use of racial slur the cause

Gay teacher forced out at Covenant Christian School

BCA hands out MORE free pay

Local email highlights healthcare competition and more

Federal Judge Robert Hinkle hands felons votes

Legislative reaction to:

·Judge Hinkle’s election decision

·Teacher pay

600 violations, 38 people in Clinton email case

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