The New 92.7 WMMB!

Friends, I was happy to be able to send this email to our staff on Tuesday of this week.Since you are family, we are also happy to share it with you!

We're thrilled to announce that WMMB's FM has moved and is now up and running.

92.7 FM- WMMB is how we now identify ourselves.

As you come in to work or leave via the back door, please take a look at the new wrap for the WMMB vehicle.

Adam is changing the web site and Facebook logos this afternoon.

We are also taking this opportunity to launch a new benchmark feature in Bill Mick LIVE, it's our IN A HANDBASKET SEGMENT at 6:42 each morning. This will be stories about things in our society that make you scratch your head and wonder just what in the world we are doing. It begins in the morning. Check it out live or on the PODCAST at your convenience.

We are excited about the ability to reach new audience with this new, stronger FM signal.

Ninety-two Seven, WMMB!


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