Educators, Cops and Legislators

We have high praise for a teacher (even though I was told this week that some teachers believe I hate them…or was it that they hate me?).On the other end of the scale is ridicule for an administrator and district that does stupid things.

We then have HOAs. They like the power they have and they tend to exert it in stupid ways as well.

At 7 State Representative Tyler Sirois joins us as this week’s committee week has concluded and the Senate prepares to take up the Scott Israel reinstatement possibility.

At 8 Florida Today’s John Torres is back with a Brandy Hall “Murder on the Space Coast” update.That investigation is no longer a cold case and Palm Bay PD is actively pursuing new leads.


Give this teacher props

The REAL stupidity of “Education Administrators”

HOA vs Halloween and humor

HOA vs the cops

MSD commission concerned after plotting student case is dismissed

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