Chick-fil-A makes it snow in England

As it does anywhere it goes now Chick-fil-A is getting all kinds of free publicity generated by its detractors.A new store opens, the whiners cry out and the king of fast food chicken rakes in the profits.Who knew a chicken place made snowflakes?

Speaking of…yesterday was “International Pronouns Day” as if that has any meaning.It did draw attention in the same place as Chick-fil-A: England.

One Florida legislator wants to mandate Bible classes in every Florida High School.That raises some questions.Another wants to add excused absence for student ‘mental health days.”

Beto’s gun grab in the news.You have to wonder if he’s misreading our cops (he is the ones I know).A case out of Massachusetts makes you wonder.As the Stoneman Douglas school safety commission prepares its final report for the legislature it appears they may be leaning toward more gun grabbing as well.

Let’s see where a Thursday takes us.


Chick-fil-A- now triggering snowflakes in England

Did you miss “International Pronouns Day?”

Which Bible?Which version?What denomination?

Let’s toss in mental health days

Is Beto misreading our cops?

In this case, maybe not

MSD commission concerned after plotting student case is dismissed

Pelosi’s election ploy: impeachment inquiry

Can the legislature mandate teacher pay raises?

Sebastian Inlet bridge “structurally deficient”

Unqualified firm worked collapsed Miami bridge

Lawsuit filed over greyhound racing ban

Felon voting case moves on in federal court

We’re going to have felon voting all over the place

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