The Felony Finger-Gun

We have lost it when it comes to zero tolerance in our schools.Finger guns do not warrant a felony charge…unless you’re in school.We’re also losing what it means to compete and do our best.Winning used to be a good thing, but now we are fining and suspending coaches who win by too much or expect players to give their all.

Pete Buttigieg did his best Barack Obama in a recent interview.Without having seen Dave Chappelle’s latest show good ole Pete condemned it.Nancy Pelosi is pretty transparent.As I said before, the whole impeachment inquiry is an election season ploy.

Brevard Schools is losing its attorney and also has a battle over special therapists in classrooms.Can the legislature mandate teacher pay hikes?They can throw money, but teacher contracts are local issues.

We’ve got those stories and more on tap for this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.That said, it’s your day to bring your topics into play on today’s show. If it’s on your mind, it’s on BML.


The felony finger gun (no, not THAT finger)

Losing what it means to compete

Buttigieg channels Obama, not in a good way

Pelosi’s election ploy: impeachment inquiry

Brevard Schools denies therapist in classroom

Board votes for work around for therapists

School district attorney leaving for home

Can the legislature mandate teacher pay raises?

Sebastian Inlet bridge “structurally deficient”

Unqualified firm worked collapsed Miami bridge

Lawsuit filed over greyhound racing ban

Felon voting case moves on in federal court

We’re going to have felon voting all over the place

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