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Possible Serial Killer Captured By K9

(Winter Haven, FL) -- A K9 is credited with bringing the search for a possible serial killer to an end in Polk County. Stanley Mossburg was arrested yesterday morning in Winter Haven at a home on Avenue C Northeast he barricaded himself inside of overnight. Deputies say he shot at them seven or eight times before a K9 helped take him into custody. The 35-year-old Mossburg was treated for dog bites, and he's now facing charges for two murders in Winter Haven, and one in Tennessee, but he claims he has at least four more victims. 

Search For Remains Of Missing Woman Finds Nothing

(Malabar, FL) -- Deputies, a private investigator, DPW workers and Palm Bay police dug yesterday for the remains of Brandy Hall behind her former home in Malabar on Duncil Lane. The 32-year-old firefighter has been missing for 13 years. Nothing was found in the search.According to Florida Today authorities have at least one other location to conduct such a search.

Manhunt For Suspected Armed Robber Ends In Arrest

(Mount Dora, FL) -- A 17-hour manhunt that put three schools on lockdown is over in Lake County. Mount Dora police yesterday arrested Charles Gunn, the Second for allegedly robbing an Orange County restaurant at gunpoint the night before. A second suspect remains on the loose. Yesterday's search led to a full lockdown at Mount Dora Middle School and partial lockdowns at Mount Dora High School and Mount Dora Christian Academy.

Lawmakers Discuss Insurance Reform As Result Of Hurricane Michael

(Tallahassee, FL) -- While the damage was limited to the Panhandle, Hurricane Michael could cost homeowners around the state. An insurance company president told state senators yesterday that lawsuits filed since the storm are costing the industry hundreds of millions of dollars. He predicts property insurance rates across Florida could go up as much as 30-percent next year. Meanwhile, about 12-percent of claims from the storm remain unsettled, and the state's consumer advocate said she's working on a bill to speed up the claims process.

Stolen JSO Car Found

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A tip from the public is credited with leading the JSO to a stolen cruiser. The JSO announced last night the car was found after it was stolen this weekend outside an officer's home on the Westside. No arrest has been announced.

Man Arrested For Running Truck Into Neighbor's House

(New Port Richey, FL) -- A woman's warning about her fiance appears to have come true in Pasco County. Timothy Farmer was arrested this week after deputies say he ran his truck into a neighbor's home, on purpose, in New Port Richey. Other neighbors on Riverbank Drive say the 47-year-old and the victim had been in a feud for months, and Farmer's fiance says they had called the sheriff's office several times to complain about harassment. She tells News Channel 8 she warned deputies if they didn't do something, someone was going to snap, and it appears that's what happened. 

Mall Panic Attributed To Balloon Pop

(Boca Raton, FL) -- The panic that ran through a mall in Palm Beach County is being blamed on a balloon. Boca Raton police said yesterday shoppers ran for the exits this weekend after mistaking a balloon pop in the food court for a gunshot. Surveillance video shows a janitor rolling his garbage cart over a balloon, which popped. 

NASA Unveils New Spacesuits

(Washington, DC) -- NASA is showing off new spacesuits. The space agency unveiled two designs for the Artemis program that plans to put the first woman and next man on the moon by 2024. One of the suits will be worn by astronauts during launch and re-entry in the Orion spacecraft. The other will be donned during activities on the moon's surface, which NASA says has improved mobility.

First All-Female Spacewalk Could Come As Early As Thursday

(Houston, TX) -- NASA says the first all-female spacewalk could happen as soon as Thursday. Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir were scheduled to leave the International Space Station on Monday to install new batteries. However, one of the orbiting lab's power controllers failed over the weekend. NASA chief Jim Bridenstine announced on Twitter that the all-female spacewalk will be Thursday or Friday.


1987, 18-month-old Jessica McClure was rescued after spending nearly three days trapped in an abandoned well shaft in Midland, Texas.

1969, the New York Mets won their first World Series title. They had been 100-to-one long shots at the beginning of the season. They became known as "The Miracle Mets."

1962, the Cuban missile crisis began when aides to President John F. Kennedy informed him that reconnaissance photos indicated the presence of missile bases in Cuba.

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