The Alligator Mouth and the Tadpole Hiney

We saw this a few months ago: a Ford dealer in the South decided to give away guns with a purchase of a Ford.Another dealer is trying it and he’s about to hear from Ford.

The NFL has allowed continual player protests and issue advocacy.As if stealing Sunday from the church wasn’t enough, now they wanted to fine a player for wearing a “man of God’ headband UNDER his helmet.The NFL has reconsidered.

The NBA may have bigger problems: the professional basketball folks are in trouble with China, a place they should have never gone in the first place!

Ellen, my new choice for Democratic nominee for the presidency, has drawn support and ire in Hollywood.Some people, Ellen, just can’t be kind.

Speaking of, one local Republican has a reaction piece to Brevard Democratic Committee Chair Stacey Patel’s recent take on “civility.”

In a story we won’t get to, the Tallahassee prostitution tour is on.

That relief day if you have court fees hanging over your head is coming up Saturday, the details are linked in the story below.


Ford dealer about to get a message from Ford

NFL eats fine for “mad of God” headband

The NBA has a bigger problem-China…or Philadelphia

Ellen gets thumbs down/up from Hollywood

Republican answer to Dem editorial

Legislator meddling where the state has no business

Tallahassee prostitution in full swing

Overdue court fees?Relief day is Saturday

Orlando Commissioner mad firefighter is back to work

Can the legislature mandate teacher pay raises?

AOC wants to ban prisons

Pence teaching a political lesson

Sebastian Inlet bridge “structurally deficient”

Unqualified firm worked collapsed Miami bridge

Lawsuit filed over greyhound racing ban

Felon voting case moves on in federal court

We’re going to have felon voting all over the place

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