Let’s Celebrate Teen Pregnancy Month!

The comedian and the president, celebrating Teen Pregnancy Month, embarrassed officials, teacher pay raises, banning prisons, political lessons, stupid road plans and worse implementation beachside, deficient bridges, collapsed bridges, greyhound racing, felon voting and more…today is the day!

Those are the topics I have in mind for a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.But, it’s your day.Choose one of mine or bring one of your own and we’ll kick them around on today’s show.If it’s on your mind, it’s on BML!


Ellen’s take on the Cowboys game

President Bush’s reaction

Orange County- what’s next Teen Pregnancy Month?

Orlando Commissioner mad firefighter is back to work

Can the legislature mandate teacher pay raises?

AOC wants to ban prisons

Pence teaching a political lesson

Sebastian Inlet bridge “structurally deficient”

Unqualified firm worked collapsed Miami bridge

Lawsuit filed over greyhound racing ban

Felon voting case moves on in federal court

We’re going to have felon voting all over the place

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