It’s hard to be civil with those who want nothing to do with it.Ask President Bush.Better yet, ask Ellen DeGeneres.The pair sat together at the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday.It’s not the right giving hell for the former president and the talk show host being sociable.And it doesn’t stop there: the next restaurant on the LGBT target list will be “In and Out Burger.”Seems the chain has Christian owners who are not bashful about their faith.We can’t have that now, can we?

That will give us a change to look at the weekend’s editorial by the chair of the Brevard Democrats.Stacey Patel hits some good points, but needs to also look at her own crowd.

Well, the governor has stirred the pot with yesterday’s announcement that he wants a pay hike for starting teachers.It’s a heck of a raise, but veteran teachers are already screaming it’s not fair to leave them out.It may not be, but it’s not a done deal at this point, either.In fact the Speaker of the House seems less than enthusiastic about the idea and took a shot at the governor in the process.I wonder which hand pandering politicians will cling to with dissention between the governor and the speaker?

Using parkland victims as pawns is despicable, but it’s happening in the legislature.Not letting a good crisis go to waste, legislators want to limit ammunition sales.

We are constantly seeing federal court involvement in Florida law.It’s our amendment process and our propensity to sue over everything that makes Florida law a function of the federal courts.


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