PREFERRED NO KID ZONES: golf cart driving, legislation

I had no plans to go, and then I saw the story.New Yorkers were freaking out during a showing of Joker, the Joaquin Phoenix exploration of the Batman universe bad guy.In the end I was glad I went.This movie is dark, not cartoony at all and may just be the best of the “Batman” movies to date.It is not for kids.

Neither are golf carts, but that doesn’t stop them in Viera. The invincibility felt by us when we are young just isn’t real and, sadly, two teens are feeling it after a car vs golf cart crash in a land where many want golf carts given the same consideration as vehicles, and unlicensed kids the same rights at licensed drivers.

An incident at Orlando-Orlando International Airport has us wondering about airline security.Just how did this lady with no ticket and no identification make her way all the way into an airline seat?

Kid sponsored legislation is a bad idea (has your city bought a flag lately?).Well, some compassionate kids would like to put themselves and their less-than-proficient-in-English friends at a disadvantage in the real world.And, because it’s a sounds good/feel good piece of legislation, it’s being considered in Tallahassee.


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