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Woman Boards Plane Without Ticket

(Orlando, FL) -- Questions are being raised about airport security after an incident on a flight from Orlando. A woman boarded a Delta flight to Atlanta Saturday even though she apparently had no ticket, boarding pass or ID and wasn't listed on the manifest. The woman refused to move for about 45 minutes before she was finally escorted off the plane, and then everyone and their luggage had to be rescreened. Takeoff was delayed about three hours, and the TSA and Delta are investigating how she got on the plane. 

Man Rescues Swimmer From Drowning

(Bal Harbour, FL) -- A beach visitor is credited with possibly saving a swimmer from drowning in Miami-Dade County. Martin Aguilera was at a beach yesterday in Bal Harbour off Collins Ave when he noticed a man struggling in the water. Aguilera pulled the man to shore and performed CPR until paramedics arrived and took the man to the hospital.

Former Lifeguard Rescues Groom On His Wedding Day

(Cocoa Beach, FL) -- A former lifeguard is credited with saving a man's life in Brevard County on the biggest day of his life. Cocoa Beach's Sonia Taylor saw a group of men apparently caught in a rip current Saturday night, and she helped them get back to shore safely. That's when she realized for one of the men it was his wedding day. Taylor tells Fox 35 she's glad the man was able to marry the love of his life and everyone seemed to be in good spirits after the ceremony.

Washed Up Containers Prompt Scare At Beach

(Atlantic Beach, FL) -- Two containers are responsible for a brief scare at a Duval County beach. Atlantic Beach police closed the beach yesterday between 11th and 12th streets after two containers washed up onshore. One of the containers was a device used to track ocean currents, and the other was an empty can of propellant. The beach reopened after about an hour.

Disney Shuts Down Skyliner After Malfunction

(Orlando, FL) -- Disney World's newest feature is now offline. Walt Disney World announced last night that the Skyliner gondola system is shut down after a malfunction this weekend. Riders were stranded for more than three hours Saturday night, and there's no word yet on a cause. The Skyliner just opened a week ago. 

Beatles Return To Top Spot On Billboard Chart

(Undated) -- A good band can't be held down. The Beatles are back at number one in the UK with "Abbey Road," just shy of 50 years after its initial release in 1970. "It's hard to believe that Abbey Road still holds up after all these years," Sir Paul McCartney tweeted Friday. The new version features unheard material from the original recording sessions as well as original tracks such as "Come Together" and "Here Comes The Sun." The previous record for longest gap between number one appearances by the same album was held by, you guessed it, The Beatles for Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which returned to the top in 2017 after its initial release in 1967. 

Good Samaritan Drug Runners Arrested

(Undated) -- Four suspected drug runners off the coast of Spain learned the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished. The traffickers' boat was struck by three Spanish maritime patrol agents who were attempting to intercept the suspects off Costa del Sol. However, the officers' boat went "out of control and they fell into the sea. The helicopter tracking the incident ordered the vessel to support them and rescue the police, all of whom were recovered unharmed. Once safe, they arrested the occupants, who were trafficking 80 bundles of hashish, weighing more than three tons. 


2003, Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California. 

2001, the United States and Britain launched military strikes in Afghanistan. And, in a videotaped statement, suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden praised the September 11th attacks, but did not claim responsibility for them.

1998, gay University of Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard was beaten robbed and tied to a wooden post outside of Laramie, Wyoming. He died five days later. Two men were later charged, tried, and convicted in the killing.

1996, the Fox News Channel was launched on satellite.

1983, the Cabbage Patch Kids were invented. The dolls became a national craze.

1913, Henry Ford established the moving assembly line.

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