Reinventing Thanksgiving, Talking Crap

In a season where it seems to be Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one (just walk into your favorite box store), there is one bit of keeping the holidays news: staying closed on Thanksgiving!Several major retailers are doing just that and foregoing the temptation to open on the holiday to get a jump on Black Friday sales.

We all dread the “Jury Duty Summons” and once you show it would be a good idea to set your alarm.

Congratulations to Brevard Public Schools and the teachers’ union.The two sides have reached a deal on a contract for the current school year.Once they sat down to seriously negotiate it appears the deal was reached rather easily.If the membership ratifies the contract teachers could see the new pay as early as Thanksgiving.

We see repeated stories of kids being caught and charged for making threats of violence at their schools.Is it possible these children are opening their parents to use or abuse of Red Flag Law in Florida?Kids as young as eight years old have been the subject of the Risk Protection Orders.Do you call it a good catch or an excuse to grab guns?

A constitutional carry bill has been filed in Tallahassee, but it would seem unlikely to pass in the upcoming legislative session.

And we’ve long lamented the state of political discourse, even here in Brevard.There was an escalation to the physical in, of all places, Malibar.It’s been blown out of proportion on all sides and the folks involved should be appropriately embarrassed.That’s the first physical confrontation we have seen, but the nasty goes on all the time and from both sides.Brevard Democratic Party Chair Stacey Patel has some thoughts on it in her editorial piece in Florida Today. She hits some good points and maybe misses a few.


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