OK is OK- Stop the Stupidity!

How far are we going to go?How long will we allow activists of any stripe to pervert long known symbols and language into things they aren’t?The expression and symbol “OK” has been on the nasty word list for all of 5 minutes and a Universal Studios character actor has been fired for what appears to be the symbol on the shoulder of a child having a picture taken with the attraction figure.We’ll talk it as we get our day going, but first we’ll look at McPizza, no not from the golden arches, but mechanized as if it could have been.

And while words and symbols do have meaning, an elected official thinking something doesn’t make it right.For example Rashida Talib wanted Detroit to use only black cops when analyzing their facial recognition submissions.She says all white folk think all black folk look alike.Then again, she’s an idiot.

Tallahassee will consider a “constitutional carry” bill in the upcoming session.With the republican led legislature clearly headed in the other direction, it’s doubtful the bill has a chance.

Did you get your new voter information card in the mail.Could you read all of it?Well, congratulations to your bilingual self.Yes, they are in English and Spanish.It was not a requirement by Florida law for Brevard, but a federal judge decided he needed to declare Florida law from the bench.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott, who along with Property Appraiser Dana Blickley and Tax Collector Lisa Cullen just filed for reelection, will join us by phone in our 8am hour.Feel free to call with your questions, but we’ll only take ‘em in English.Take that Judge Walker!



OK, Stop It!

Where’s the racism?

Constitutional carry bill filed in Tallahassee

Scott, Blickley and Cullen running again

Amendment 4 continues to confuse

City and Special District elections coming

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