You Did It Charlie Brown!

Lucy finally held the football and Charlie Brown has kicked for the winning score.The Brevard Federation of Teachers and Brevard Public Schools have reached a deal on teacher pay; and while there are still a few other details to iron out, it appears a contract will be done very quickly.

And now for something completely different…my introduction to sketch comedy is now 50. Monty Python is 50 years old and the troupe’s work is as funny as ever.The anniversary story is linked below.

We introduced the story yesterday: a college kid holds up a sign during a televised football game and gets millions in donations that he, in turn, gave to the children’s hospital at the University of Iowa. Anheuser-Busch matched the donation and called the kid a hero.Then a reporter for the Des Moines Register looked into the kid for a story and the kid’s Twitter account wrecked the whole story and the reporter’s career. Former Florida Today reporter Wayne Price will join us as we kick off our day with this story.

Elsewhere in the Big XII the student government at Oklahoma has decided the pledge of allegiance is out.IN OKLAHOMA!

The idiocy continues in Fairfax, Virginia. A police officer there has been suspended for doing the job most of us would expect of our cops.He notified ICE of an illegal alien form whom they had a detainer. Apparently Virginia has gotten over those ideas from the old South.

And, lest we forget, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and any topic you like is up for discussion when you call us today on BML.


Lucy held the football…Teachers, you have a deal

Monty Python is 50

Anheuser-Busch backs off, takes heat

OU is not OK

Christian teacher fired- refused to use preferred pronoun

Our most innocent are sacrifices in gun battle

Scott, Blickley and Cullen running again

VA cop suspended for holding ICE detainee

Dems still rule the US Senate

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