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Suspect Claims He Was Testing School Security

(Port Orange, FL) -- A man accused of breaching school security in Volusia County believes he was doing police a favor. Derek Marlowe was arrested last week after entering a classroom at Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange. Deputies say the 51-year-old was drunk and had a knife on him, but no one was hurt. He apparently told the SRO he was testing school security, and the district says it's reviewing the breach. 

Students Accused Of Making Threats Toward School

(Miami, FL) -- Two students are accused of threatening a shooting at a school in Miami-Dade County. District officials announced yesterday a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old were arrested for posting threats on Instagram this weekend directed at Howard D. McMillan Middle School. The boys are charged with felonies, but the father of one of the boys tells Local 10 News it's not a big deal. 

FBI Agent, Alert Teller Stop Bank Robbery  

(Jacksonville, FL) -- An alert teller and an FBI agent who happened to be nearby, are credited with stopping a robbery. It happened at the SunTrust Bank on Jacksonville's Westside yesterday morning. The teller hit the panic alarm after a woman said she was being forced to come inside and demand money. It was later determined that woman had a gun.Police took her and three others waiting outside into custody.

Liberal Group Labels Gaetz As One Of 'Scariest' Politicians

(Washington, DC) -- Matt Gaetz is in the running to be named one of America's scariest politicians. The liberal group NexGen America released a bracket contest yesterday to determine America's scariest representative, and the First District congressman is one of 16 in the running. NexGen America says the list represents anti-choice climate-change deniers, NRA lapdogs and overall shady characters. NexGen America will focus its efforts on unseating the one who emerges next month from the contest as the scariest.

Florida Cities Among Tops in USA For Coffee Consumption

(Undated) -- Floridians apparently love their coffee. Three of the top cities in the country for consuming coffee are in Florida. WalletHub says Miami is in 8th place, Orlando is 15th and Tampa is in 18th place. Seattle Washington, headquarters of Starbucks, is number one.

Realtor's 'Scream' House Photos Go Viral

(Lansing, MI) -- A real estate agent in Michigan is using Halloween to sell a home. His listing has shots of a man dressed in a "Scream" costume in every photo. The masked figure is raking leaves in the yard, carving pumpkins in the kitchen and playing legos in the living room. James Pyle says he's wanted to use a scary movie character for a long time. His goal was a thousand views and so far, he's gotten more than 20-thousand.

North Carolina Burglar Steals Woman's Sex Toy

(Brunswick County, NC) -- Police in North Carolina are looking for a burglar who stole a 12-inch sex toy among other items. A 38-year-old woman from Brunswick County reported that someone broke into her house and took jewelry, coins, a make-up bag, an Amazon Fire Stick and a foot-long Electric Vibrator Wand. All of the missing items are valued at 450 dollars, including the 30-dollar wand. The robbery suspect could face charges of grand larceny as well as breaking and entering for the late-night theft.


2011, "60 Minutes" essayist Andy Rooney made his last regular appearance on the CBS news magazine program. The 92-year-old commentator began delivering his essays on the show in 1978.

1995, O.J. Simpson's eight month murder trial came to an end when the jury hearing Simpson's case reached a verdict of not guilty after only four hours of deliberations.

1959, "The Twilight Zone" aired for the first time on CBS. Rod Serling was the creator and host of the show.

1950, the first "Peanuts" comic strip appeared in nine newspapers.

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