Urinals, the NCAA, Your Cell Phone & Allies for What?

Portland plumbers are going to make some cash.It seems in order to be perfectly politically correct and gender neutral the city has decided to remove the urinals in what will be the former men’s rooms.

California is about to set the NCAA on its head…and I hope they do.

Are the BFT and BPS close to a deal?It would seem so.The football is in Lucy’s hands.

While Lucy may be holding the football, your hands won’t be on a cell phone if some Florida legislators have their way.

Anheuser-Busch did a good thing and then got PC’d out of it.Now they pay the social price.Speaking of, do you really want these Antifa types on your side?Bill Maher (again) may be saying it best.

The next sacrifice for Florida Democrats in the battle for your guns will be our most innocent.They want to ban firearms in daycares (even as you pick up the kids).And their assertion is as stupid as it is naive.

If articles of impeachment are handed down by the US House the Senate will hear them.They have no choice according to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.The Dems still rule the roost there.


Battling the urinal

CA about to change the NCAA

Are the School District and Teachers’ Union close?

Coming after you and your phone

Anheuser-Busch backs off, takes heat

The kind of folks you want on your side…NOT

Maybe Maher says it best

Our most innocent are sacrifices in gun battle

Dems still rule the US Senate

Civility Brevard coffee time

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