Is Government Making People Stupid?

We said it when the whole flashy light intersections fad began on the beachside. We are creating the WALKING DEAD.At least we are creating the terminally stupid when it comes to crossing the road.I had it happen on Saturday.

The question came from a listener over the weekend: is NYC really going to fine people large amounts of money for using terms like illegal alien?Sadly, it looks like the answer is yes.

What causes stress for folks and what group is most affected?There is about to be a snowstorm.

What makes Tm Brady popular?All those fantasy points?His ability or the Super Bowl rings?No, that’s not it.One clown says it’s White Supremacy.Not athletic prowess or success on the field; it can’t be that.

I have said it since Parkland. We can’t start making kids, especially traumatized ones, experts on anything.Yet, that is exactly what’s happening.Either that, or like I also said, they become the tools of agenda groups to be used for the cause.The Prime Minister of Australia agrees.

It seems lots of folks look for ways to be victims.Some of them look for ways to cash in on the victimhood. One radio host tried…and failed.Maybe if he was a hillbilly it would go better.

Term Limits- a popular mantra for the politically naive.Celebrating elected officials signing onto the bad idea is understandable, but in this case it’s meaningless.

Those topics are in play for today’s BML, or as we call it around here- Monday.


Government making people stupid and putting them in danger

$250k for using “illegal alien” other terms?

No wonder there’s snowflake stress

Why is Tom Brady popular?Talent or accomplishment?Nahhhh

Australian PM is right on

Maybe if I sent an anti-hillbilly tweet

Senator (nay, King) Wright signs term limit pledge for term limited job

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