I’m OK, You’re OK…or Not!

I would venture to say that nearly all of us have flashed an “OK” sign at one time or another.Whether it was a crowded room where you could not be heard, a potential injury during athletic competition or a simple inquiry from a parent after you’d fallen, the “OK” was a quick, non-verbal way to assure everyone that you were fine.Now, you may just be considered a racist for it.

California is having a crime wave.Adjusting the value of retail theft to make felonies a higher dollar value than in the past has sparked the wave.

We have railed on the self-perceived authority of our schools from time to time and we have another case.Just what do schools get to control and what is beyond their authority?Some Indiana parents let one school know.

Our school district is ready to reengage with the teachers’ union on the contract for the current year.The union, Lucy last week as they pulled away the negotiating football on day 2, is coming back to the table on Monday, but can you trust them to be sincere as opposed to grandstanding?If recent history is an indicator, the dog and pony show is far from over.

The county has a budget, so does the port and the Brevard Cultural Alliance will continue while receiving more of your tax dollars to play with.Maybe they’ll do Drag Queen Bingo every night!


OK is not OK…or so they say

Crime wave…what did they expect?

School authority or overstep?

Zuercher stepping down as BPS CFO

Back to negotiations: BPS fact sheet

County reaches deal with BCA, cuts general fund dollars

Commission approves $1.33B budget (story inappropriately focused on the MSTU)

Port Commission approves budget

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