Tesla and Barbie both bad ideas

I’m not a fan of electric cars.I find them to be impractical and most certainly for any serious driving.That’s especially true with police cars.

The PC culture is invading everywhere and it seems to carry the LGBT banner.Even Barbie is being overtaken with agenda driven changes…like a transgender Barbie.

Who knew Brevard and Volusia Counties were electing a King? Or maybe we elected a Senator without a clue.

Florida’s Red Flag law has its first stamp of approval from the appellate courts.

Brevard’s schools are looking for a new CFO as the district gets back to negotiating with the teachers’ union. Can the union stop playing games and get down to talks? I am skeptical after Lucy pulled the football again at the start of negotiations last week.

Governor DeSantis removed Broward Sheriff Scott Israel as soon as the governor took office. I said at the time that I hoped the governor had his ducks in a row. The Special Master appointed by the Senate doesn’t think the governor had enough. The Senate will now decide.

The president’s call with the Ukraine is out. There is nothing there, much less any reason for impeachment.


Tesla police car a very bad idea

Mattel goes stupid with Gender Inclusive Barbie

We’ve elected a King!Tom Wright is clueless

Red Flag Law gets first thumbs up by FL courts

Zuercher stepping down as BPS CFO

Back to negotiations: BPS fact sheet

Senate faceoff coming: Should Scott Israel be reinstated?

THE CALL- no quid pro quo

THE CALL- the transcript

County reaches deal with BCA, cuts general fund dollars

Commission approves $1.33B budget (story inappropriately focused on the MSTU)

Representative Altman wants Port charter change

Port Commission approves budget

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