09.24.19: The Day President Trump Won 2020

They’ve done it.The Democrats have pulled the impeachment trigger and it’s a bullet they can’t get back.Whether they ever have an actual impeachment or not, this idea of going after the president with little to no evidence is as wise as their practice of voting for a bill so they can see what’s in it.The inmates, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are now running the asylum and have forced Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand into quite possibly handing the 2020 election to the Republicans.

We’ll look at the announcement, the process and implications on today’s show.

Congressman Bill Posey will join us in our 8am hour to give us his take and what lies ahead in coming weeks.

How long will this process take?When would they decide on whether to pursue actual impeachment charges?And, if they do, can it happen before the 2020 election?Do the Democrats really want President Pence?

Impeachment- questions and answers on today’s BML.


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