Is Florida Today becoming the New York Times when it comes to political activism?While the Times goes after the president, Florida Today’s target of the moment appears to be Sheriff Wayne Ivey. While news reporting around any political office is perfectly reasonable, and a sheriff’s office certainly generates its share, the sheriff has filed for reelection.OK, that’s news.But given the paper’s recent take on the sheriff, tossing in old, settled issues in the story of the announcement seems a bit over the top.In addition to this story we’ll take a look at Editor Mara Bellaby’s recent editorial explaining coverage and ask if her editors and staff are going beyond the mission.

We’ll begin our day with some Walmart inconsistency that seems to be shared elsewhere.Is Tulsi Gabbard actually making some sense?We’ll see what the left really wants (resistance is futile, you will be assimilated) and we’ll have some county commission and port news in play as well.

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Walmart stopping e-cig sales- and…

Tulsi Gabbard actually getting it?

The left doesn’t want civility…they want compliance

FT: Republicans concerned over sheriff’s budget?

FT-Editorial: How is Ivey spending tax dollars?

FT-Bellaby: FT will continue asking tough questions

FT- Ivey seeks 3rd term- BUT why the hit piece?

County reaches deal with BCA, cuts general fund dollars

Representative Altman wants Port charter change

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