I enjoy humor.Whether it’s a comedian or just humor among friends there is something about the spontaneity of laughing when the point hits you.Some, apparently, don’t have that point.It may be more true on a college campus than anywhere else in the land.

Bill Maher is a comedian and a serious commentator on politics these days.He’s an avowed leftist, but his criticism of the left and its tactics is dead on.Speaking of, many people engage in causes whatever they may be.Many of these folks, maybe all of them, teach their kids their belief system and most will follow in mommy and daddy’s footsteps.But there is a trend that caught more than local attention over the weekend.Some parents are using kids who are far too young to understand as pawns in their political messaging.I suppose that’s OK if the parents want to play that game, but don’t claim victimhood when the pawn you put on the board is subjected to the scrutiny of the opposition.

Everyone wants a piece of the port.Another legislator wants the port charter changed to reflect support of America’s space program.I am not opposed to this idea, but what may be interesting is how the port commission responds to this idea as opposed to other ideas floated in recent months.

In our third hour today we’ll talk with Brevard County’s Don Walker.Don is responsible for the county’s messaging all the time.Today we’ll talk about his role and that of the county in an emergency like a hurricane.


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