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Casei Jones' Sister Speaks Out On Alleged Murder

(Summerfield, FL) -- A lack of Facebook activity appears to have been a clue that something wasn't right with a Marion County woman. Casei Jones and her four children were found dead this week in Georgia, and Jones' husband is charged with murder. Casei's sister, Sarah Gilbert, says she had been texting with Casei, but now she believes Casei's husband was sending messages from his wife's phone. Gilbert tells News 6 she first started to suspect something was wrong last week when Casei didn't post a happy birthday message to one of her kids on Facebook. 

Seminole County Boy Found In Buffalo

(Longwood, FL) -- A Seminole County boy is in protective custody after he was found sleeping on a porch in New York. The three-year-old from Longwood was found sleeping on a woman's porch in Buffalo this week, and his parents are missing. Remains were found in a car that caught fire nearby, but those remains have not been identified.

Sprowls Named Speaker-Designate

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Tampa Bay could benefit from a lawmaker's new role. Palm Harbor State Rep. Chris Sprowls was named yesterday as House Speaker-designate, which means he'll become speaker in 2021. The 35-year-old Republican represents the 65th District. Democratic colleague Jennifer Webb, whose district also includes Tampa Bay, tells Florida Politics.com the area will benefit from Sprowls' thoughtful approach to governance.

Broward Lawmaker Wants To Expand Statute Of Limitations For Sex Abuse Victims

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- A Broward County lawmaker wants to encourage more sex abuse victims to come forward. State Rep. Michael Gottlieb recently announced plans to file a bill that would extend the statute of limitations for victims. He says his bill would allow victims to come forward until they reach the age of 55. Similar laws have been passed in other states, and Gottlieb tells CBS 4 News his effort is already getting support from other lawmakers.

NASA Targets End Of 2024 For Next Human Moon Landing

(Washington, DC) -- NASA is closing in on when astronauts will head back to the moon. It will be the second half of 2024. This gives NASA more time to finish projects such as Orion which launches a test flight next year. Space suits also need to be designed for the lunar surface. The space agency has been under pressure for another moon landing since Vice President Pence announced a five-year deadline earlier this month.

Homeowner Credits Dog For Alerting Family To Fire

(Bradenton, FL) -- A Manatee County credits the family dog to saving them from a fire. Bradenton's Leroy Butler says he was sleeping yesterday when a Jack Russell terrier named Zippy started barking. Butler realized the house was on fire, woke up his two children and his father, and they all made it out OK. The dog did not make it, though, and Butler tells 10News Zippy was a rescue dog, and he returned the favor by rescuing them. 

KFC Trying Out Chicken And Donuts Menu Items

(Undated) -- KFC is getting creative with a new menu item, but you have to live on the east coast to try it. The fast food chain announced it was testing "Chicken and Donuts" menu items, including a sandwich with a chicken fillet flanked by two glazed donuts. The other option is a chicken and donut basket meal with either chicken tenders or chicken on the bone. The new menu items are being tested in Pittsburgh, as well as the Virginia cities of Richmond and Norfolk for a limited time.


2017, Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy.

2009, the CBS soap opera "The Guiding Light" aired its final episode after a 72-year run on radio and television.

1975, the FBI captured newspaper heiress Patty Hearst in San Francisco, 19 months after Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.

1965, "I Dream of Jeannie" debuted on NBC.

1964, "The Addams Family" debuted on ABC.

1927, the Columbia Phonograph Broadcasting Company debuted with a network of 16 radio stations. The company later became known as CBS.

1851, "The New York Times" was published for the first time.

1793, President George Washington laid the foundation for the U.S. Capitol.

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