For a couple of weeks now we’ve been hearing how Brevard Public Schools and the Brevard Federation of Teachers were going to be working together in a more cooperative manner as the next teachers’ contract was being negotiated.Both organizations said better compensation for teachers was the goal.The forgotten word was “negotiation.”After making the union’s apparent “final demand” on day one and the district countering with something less, BIG TONY-union president Anthony Colucci, reverted to the union’s old ways and stormed out, cancelling the remaining “accelerated sessions” for the week.Yes, Lucy showed Charley Brown the football, convinced him she was playing this time and, once again, jerked the football away causing Charlie Brown the embarrassment of having believed her.The district’s offer was darn good and you’ll hear it today in our discussion.

We begin our day with a look at the leader in American journalism, The New York Times.If this is journalism, I’m a giraffe.

Maybe journalism is not so important as we are killing the dictionary and grammar along with it.As a long time Grammar Nazi, I am not very happy with this idea.

Many media outlets are anti-gun, anti-second amendment and thereby anti-American. MSNBC would be one such entity and their attempt at showing the country backs their position blew up in their faces. (note: you’ll see that faces is plural because derivations of “they” are intended for more than one person…see the dictionary reference above)

Finally it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and the phones are back…it’s your day to fire off on your chosen topic when you call the show at 321.768.1240.What’s on YOUR mind?


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