When Ritch Workman was a state representative he tried to repeal a law that bans dwarf tossing and similar events in Florida.To me, Ritch was standing up for the rights of dwarves who would choose to be employed in such a fashion.The politically correct legislature had taken that right away from these smaller citizens and it just seemed wrong.But now, in a state where you can’t toss a dwarf- even if the dwarf wants to be tossed, we have a new fad in the same circumstances: a bar, alcohol being served and axes being thrown about.What could possibly go wrong?

California thinks it rules the world, or at least the USA.Now the state wants to stop doing businesses with states where Medicaid won’t pay for sex change surgeries.Ted Cruz has a new California friend.Actress Alyssa Milano met the Texas Senator and came out saying kind things about the pro-life lawmaker.

Would banning cell phones work in today’s schools?And if it did, would it be the right thing to do?

Negotiations have started for the new teachers’ contract in Brevard and they have announced policy changes that may make you stop and think.

While the New York Times continues its anti-conservative attacks, the democrats in DC are learning some interesting news about impeachment and the gun grab mentality.Speaking of…the republican gun grabbers in Tallahassee are at it again, as we knew they would be.


No Dwarf Tossing, but we can do THIS?

CA thinks it rules the world…well, the USA anyway

Ted Cruz has a new friend…Alyssa Milano

Banning cell phones working for schools

Teacher pay talks on again

BPS policy changes

NY Times at it again…no surprise

Dem impeachment push meets Dem resistance

O’Rourke’s gun grab did not go over well

The Florida Republican legislative gun grab

City and Special District elections coming

Do Republicans need a primary?

Florida will hold one

Maine to allow ranked voting

FL legislature wins battle over Amendment 1 spending

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