Friday we discussed the impact of social media on kids. If the study was correct it wasn’t good.How about you, the adult social media user?Could you do without your favorite social media outlet for a week?What would happen if you did?We have an example.And, no, I am not talking about your involuntary incarceration in Facebook jail, you miscreants!

Should college athletes be paid?There is a movement in a couple of states and the NCAA is dead set against it.This is while the NCAA, and presumably member institutions, make all kinds of money off of the images, likenesses and memorabilia involving these world class athletes.

Are they after your guns?Well, they are saying it so I tend to believe them.What you can’t believe is what they say they are hearing about the gun grab.

Florida Today’s weekend feature article was a hit piece on Sheriff Ivey.Not that there wasn’t news to be covered, messaging during a storm is important.But, to vigorously go after the sheriff as the cause of a messaging issue is off base and shows a lack of understanding of the situation.There were positives in the response to Dorian and some lessons to learn, but the battle between the paper and the sheriff does neither of them any good and it’s the public who gets harmed in the battle. The sheriff and the paper need to bury the hatchet, hopefully not in each other, and work toward understand each others’ role in our community.


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