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Attempted Murder-Suicide In Palm Bay

(Palm Bay, FL) -- Mental illness could be a factor in a former Marine's death in Brevard County. Robert Franklin, Jr. was found dead yesterday morning in Palm Bay of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He's also accused of shooting his 72-year-old grandmother and his 17-year-old nephew in a home on Fallon Boulevard, but they survived and are in stable condition. The teenager tells Channel 9 his 42-year-old uncle suffered from depression, which got worse after Franklin's father died. 

Polk County School Fight Goes Viral

(Lakeland, FL) -- A Polk County mom is outraged over a violent incident caught on tape at her son's school. Lakeland's Lauren Springfield took to Facebook this week after her son was beaten by a classmate in the locker room at Blake Academy. Video shows her 12-year-old son, who has a kidney problem, being kneed in the stomach, thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched. Springfield writes that it's inexcusable there was no adult supervision, and she wants to know what steps the school is taking to protect her son. Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd responded yesterday saying the alleged attacker was suspended for 10 days, and that she hopes parents understand these incidents are not acceptable. Meanwhile, the victim's mom tells The Ledger she wants the alleged attacker expelled and prosecuted.

Six Arrested After Fight At Tampa High School

(Tampa, FL) -- Two students are hurt after a fight that led to six arrests in Tampa. The fight broke out yesterday at Middleton High School. One of the students arrested is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. Two students were taken to the hospital, but their injuries are not believed to be serious. 

Two SFL Judges Picked By Trump For Federal Bench

(Washington, DC) -- Two judges from Miami-Dade County are in line for a big promotion. President Trump yesterday nominated Florida Supreme Court Justices Barbara Lagoa and Robert Luck to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. The 51-year-old Lagoa is an FIU alum, and she's the first Hispanic woman to sit on the state's high court. She and the 40-year-old Luck have been on the supreme court for less than a year, but Governor Ron DeSantis says Trump has demonstrated great judgment in nominating them.

SunRail Train Hits Car

(Winter Park, FL) -- A man is hurt after a train collision in Orange County. Winter Park police say the man's car was hit yesterday by a SunRail train while trying to cross the tracks at South Denning Drive and Barnum Avenue. The man is expected to survive.

Friday The 13th Most Widespread Superstition In U.S.

(Undated) -- Today is Friday the 13th, and that terrifies millions of Americans. Millions of people in this country have a paralyzing dread of Friday the 13th. Some won't go to work today, some won't eat in restaurants, and many would never plan their wedding for Friday the 13th. No one is exactly sure where the legend of Friday the 13th being unlucky began, though researchers feel the superstition is very old. Folklore experts say it's the combination of "Friday" and "13," as both the day and the number have historically been connected to bad luck.

Day Of The Dead Barbie Out Now

(Undated) -- Mattel is releasing a Day of the Dead Barbie in time for Mexico's Dia de Muertos. The limited-edition doll is designed to celebrate the Mexican festival, during which families pay respects to lost loved ones. Mattel says the Barbie honors the traditions and symbols often seen throughout this time. The Dia de Muertos Barbie has an embroidered dress and the traditional skull face painting with details around the eyes, and comes with accessories including earrings, shoes and a butterfly ring. The doll can be found at Walmart and Target for 75-dollars.


1995, "The Drew Carey Show" debuted on ABC.

1990, NBC's legal drama "Law And Order" premiered on NBC. 

1986, "Pee-Wee's Playhouse," starring Paul Reubens, debuted on CBS.

1977, the television show "Soap" debuted on ABC. It was the first show to include a viewer discretion warning.

1949, the Ladies Professional Golf Association of America (LPGA) formed with Patty Berg as its first president.

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