Yesterday it was dating relationships that lead our kids to be more depressed.Today, it seems social media is the culprit.

Ever notice that the crowd that screams loudest for tolerance is the least tolerant?We have a glaring example.Bill Maher notices that and much more as the Democrats seem determined to see Donald Trump reelected.

On the college and tolerance front Purdue is getting a Chick-fil-A.The student body president is whining really loudly about it.But, as student body president does he not have a responsibility to the entire student body?The University of Tennessee deserves a ton of credit.That Florida kid who was bullied for making his own UT shirt is now a recipient of a 4 year scholarship to be a Vol.All he has to do is grow up and meet eligibility requirements.

Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel will join us at 8am.We’ll see what the Engagement Editor has been up to as we close our week together.


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