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Accused Cop Killer Found Guilty

(Kissimmee, FL) -- The widow of a murdered police officer now has the justice she has been seeking for two years. A jury in Osceola County yesterday found Everett Miller guilty of murder for killing Kissimme Police Sergeant Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter. Prosecutors say Miller shot the two because of his hatred for law enforcement. The sentencing phase is next, and Baxter's widow tells Channel 9 while she's relieved, there are many more chapters to come. 

Five Hurt In Workplace Stabbing

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Five people are hurt after a case of workplace violence in Tallahassee. Antwann Brown is accused of stabbing five coworkers yesterday at Dyke Industries on Maryland Circle. Police believe the 41-year-old was upset about being fired. Police say after the rampage some Dyke Industry employees subdued Brown long enough for police to arrive and take him into custody. He faces five counts of attempted murder and is due in court this morning.As for the five victims, two are in good condition, two are in fair condition, but one is in serious condition.

Publix Asks Customers Not To Openly Carry Guns

(Lakeland, FL) -- Publix is asking its customers not to openly carry guns in their stores. The Lakeland-based company made the announcement asking that only law enforcement officials openly carry firearms in its stores. The supermarket chain has over 12-hundred stores across the southeast, including in some states where open carry is legal. Publix follows other retailers such as Walmart and Kroger who have made similar requests following mass shootings in multiple states this year.

Plane Crashes In Boca

(Boca Raton, FL) -- A Palm Beach County doctor is banged up after a plane crash. Boca Raton orthodontist Dr. Robert Eckelson was piloting the plane yesterday when it took off from Boca Raton Airport. Shortly after takeoff, though, he tried to return to the airport, but he apparently hit a tree on descent and crashed in a parking lot. Eckelson and his passenger suffered minor injuries.

FWC Trying To Catch Bear Who Bit Woman

(Longwood, FL) -- Some Seminole County residents are trying to spare a bear who bit a woman. FWC workers set traps yesterday for the bear that bit a woman on the ankle this week in Longwood. Neighbors in The Springs, though, don't want the bear put down. They tell Fox 35 the woman may have gotten too close to the bear's cubs, and the FWC is overreacting.

Tropical Wave Could Form Into Tropical Storm Humberto

(Miami, FL) -- A tropical wave in the Atlantic is likely to form into a tropical depression. The National Hurricane Center in Miami says it could even develop into what would be Tropical Storm Humberto in the next several days. The system is slowly headed toward southeastern Florida and into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The Center says conditions forecast for the weekend are expected to be more conducive to tropical cyclone formation.

Patent Office Denies Ohio State's Trademark Application For THE

(Columbus, OH) -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is denying the Ohio State University's attempt to trademark the word THE. The decision was handed down yesterday, citing two specific areas for the denial. Officials told the University that New York fashion designer Marc Jacobs' clothing company had already submitted an application for THE, and Ohio State was not properly using THE as a trademark. The Patent Office also denied Jacobs request based on largely the same reasons and Ohio State will now have six months to issue a response to the refusal.

Storm Area 51 Creator Pulls Out Of Event

(Bakersfield, CA) -- The man behind 'Storm Area 51' is leaving it in the dust. The California college student created the Facebook event as a joke, but it took off. Two-million people said they'd show up on September 20th to raid a secretive Air Force base in Nevada and hunt for aliens. Problem is, the closest town is tiny and doesn't even have a store or a gas station. Matthew Roberts says "There's no safety or security that can really be promised." He called the event a potential "humanitarian disaster" and has pulled his name and support. The owner of a motel in the town of Rachel had signed up as a partner and plans to go ahead with the three-day gathering.


2011, the 9/11 Memorial Museum opened to the public in New York City.

1992, Dr. Mae Carol Jemison became the first African-American woman in space when she served as a payload specialist aboard space shuttle Endeavor. The shuttle also carried the first married couple into space.

1966, "The Monkees" debuted on NBC.

1959, the television western drama, "Bonanza," debuted on NBC.

1954, "Lassie" debuted on CBS.  

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