Apparently kids should not date until they’re 30.While some fathers my think this way, there is a study that almost backs them up.Kids who don’t date are less prone to depression than those who do.

While there is zero logic to back this one up, California legislators are making it impossible to suspend disruptive kids in school.When the little miscreants learn nothing of consequences for their bad acts they will be left to terrorize the rest of society when school days are done.

Most people won’t get cop humor.Cop humor can get cops in trouble.Ask Philadelphia’s acting commissioner about that.This was not a racist joke…it was a cops vs bad guys joke and it was FUNNY!

Yet, many cities will expect cops to take the brunt of violence as an expected risk of the job.The risk is real in Little Baltimore, that is, Downtown Melbourne.

The Florida Legislature is considering tweaks to the school safety act and the guardian program it created.Your rights, infringed by the act, are not getting the same treatment.

We have all that and more on tap for our Thursday edition of Bill Mick LIVE.


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