WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Conflict, Conversations and Candidates

It’s the anniversary of the most horrific event most of us have seen.On September 11, 2001 the United States was attacked terrorists and our world has not been the same.There are memorial events around the country and several in Brevard. They are linked below.

Cigarettes, bricks and bullets all draw controversy in today’s show.So does discipline for disruptive kids in CA schools.

¼ of Democrats thing being an NRA member should be illegal.

The French Interloper, Jason Brodeur, has virtually no opponent, but he’s raking in the cash.

Presidential candidate and New York mayor Bill de Blasio has a plan to fight Terminators, or their ancestors, at least.Another Dem appears to be positioning herself so that she could actually win.

And…it’s your day to drive the direction of conversation on the show.What’s on your mind?


9/11 Events in Brevard

Disney drunk banned after fight

Removal of purchased TRUMP fundraising brick causes stir

Will stunting help the case with Walmart?

No suspension for disruptive kids in CA

¼ of Dems want it illegal to join NRA

French Interloper Brodeur rakes in the cash

de Blasio has plan to stop Skynet!

Is one Dem presidential candidate actually trying to become electable?

Good for the Goose…

Sanctuary City policies lead to crime spree

Do Republicans need a primary?

Florida will hold one

Maine to allow ranked voting

FL legislature wins battle over Amendment 1 spending

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