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Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Orlando

(Orlando, FL) -- Airline passengers from the Caribbean recall a scary incident in Orlando. The Cayman Airways plane bound for New York made an emergency landing at OIA this weekend when there was concern there might be smoke in the cargo hold. Passengers tell Channel 9 there was absolute panic on the plane as people pushed each other to escape, and one woman thought she was going to die. As it turns out, it was a false alarm, and there was no sign of smoke.

Tallahassee To Review Deals Made By Maddox

(Tallahassee, FL) -- The city of Tallahassee is free to take action regarding deals made by Scott Maddox. That's what the Department of Justice told city officials in a letter two weeks ago. The city was waiting for guidance from the feds before investigating vendor contracts tied to the former city commissioner, who pled guilty last month to federal fraud charges. While the city can start an audit at any time, the city's attorney is recommending commissioners hold off until Maddox is sentenced in November.

Judge Agrees To Hear Cruz' Request For New Prosecutor

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- Nikolas Cruz's lawyers are accusing the Broward County prosecutor of substantial misconduct. A judge yesterday agreed to hear arguments this week as to why Cruz' lawyers want the prosecutor removed. In a motion filed last week, they claimed State Attorney Michael Satz is blind to any evidence that contradicts his belief that Cruz is evil. Cruz is facing the death penalty for the Parkland massacre, but his lawyers want him sentenced to life in prison.

Man Accused Of Holding Gun On Uber Driver

(Panama City Beach, FL) -- An Uber driver is lucky to be alive after a scary ordeal in Bay County. Panama City police say passenger Alex Bolano held a gun at the man's head this weekend and ordered him to drive around the area. The gun was apparently pointed at the driver throughout the ride, and police say Bolano even hit the driver in the head with the gun. The driver was not hurt, and the 27-year-old Bolano, who's in the Coast Guard, was taken into custody.

Simpson, Brandes Among State's Wealthiest Lawmakers

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Two Tampa Bay lawmakers are among the legislature's richest. Numbers released yesterday show Trilby State Senator Wilton Simpson has a net worth of almost 26-million dollars, and St. Petersburg Senator Jeff Brandes is just under 14-million dollars. Bradenton's Bill Galvano is just under three-million dollars. The News Service of Florida reports 70 lawmakers are millionaires, which is the highest number ever.

Ms. Monopoly Pays Women More Than Men

(Pawtucket, RI) -- A new version of Monopoly sees women making more than men. Ms. Monopoly goes on sale this month with a host of modern updates, including rideshares and Wi-Fi. It's a lot like regular Monopoly, but female players start with 19-hundred dollars from the bank; men get 15-hundred. The women also get an extra 40-dollars every time they pass go. Players don't invest in property, but inventions made by women. It retails for 19-dollars-and-99 cents whether you're male or female.

South Central Texas Man Shoots His Testicle

(McQueeney, TX) -- The Guadalupe County Sheriff's office in south-central Texas says a man is recovering after shooting his testicle. The incident happened Saturday afternoon at the McQueeney Gun Club. The sheriff's office report says a man there was in the process of holstering a nine-millimeter Smith and Wesson when the firearm went off hitting him in the genitals. A gun club employee acted quickly and was able to get the bleeding to stop almost immediately. The report says the shooting victim was alert and in good spirits when he was transported to the San Antonio Medical Center.


1993, "The X-Files" debuted on the Fox network.

1990, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" starring Will Smith debuted on NBC.

1963, twenty-three African-American students entered public schools in Tuskegee, Mobile and Birmingham, Alabama. One week earlier, Alabama Governor George Wallace surrounded the schools with state troopers in an attempt to block integration.

1955, "Gunsmoke" debuted on CBS Television. The show starred James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon.

1953, Swanson sold the first TV dinner.

1813, United States naval officer Oliver Hazard Perry led a fleet of nine ships to victory over six British warships during the War of 1812. It was the first defeat of a British naval squadron by the U.S.

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