If You’re Going to Dish It Out…

Are you ready for your next guilty TV obsession?It’s Jerry Springer!The champion of trash TV is back in a different role- being the judge!Real court cases, up to $5,000 on the line with Jerry making the call.It’s on channel 9 at 3pm Monday through Friday.

Governor Ron DeSantis will take some heat, but he’s right.The Bahamas recovery and relief efforts are not Florida’s job.While Floridians can and are chipping in, the state has no business doing so.

The NRA is not taking the San Francisco attack on its members lying down.The gun rights group is suing the city and the commissioners who labeled it and us as domestic terrorists.

I’m glad the founders were more intelligent than the current crop of elected officials in Washington.Why?Because I fear one of them is exactly right.We could not get a Bill of Rights passed in today’s America.

Red Flag law got a lot of attention during Friday’s 7am hour of BML.How often is it used in Florida?Would you believe 5 times a day?

Finally, we have an interesting opinion piece in THE HILL pointing out that the left is not appreciative when tactics regularly employed by it are turned on it.But if it’s good for the goose…


This may be interesting to watch- Springer is back

TRUMP plate rejected- it’s the law

DeSantis- sounds cruel, but he’s correct

NRA sues San Francisco over domestic terror group designation

Glad the Founders were more intelligent

Red Flag Law: 5 times a day in Florida

Good for the Goose…

Sanctuary City policies lead to crime spree

Do Republicans need a primary?

Florida will hold one

Maine to allow ranked voting

FL legislature wins battle over Amendment 1 spending

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