Guns, Elections and Taking Hurricanes Seriously

Remember the European drag troupe that is comprised of people with Down Syndrome?The group is touring the US and when one venue said no, the ACLU got bent out of shape.

Guns are more and more the focus in the country and those who want further restrictions on our rights are nothing if not active.The feds are seeking information that could be telling about many gun owners.Should your sanity have to be proven before you can obtain a concealed carry permit?Do sanctuary city policies lead to crime sprees?One California sheriff says so.

On the election front some state Republican parties are cancelling primary elections as they don’t see a serious challenge to President Trump.Florida will hold such a primary if necessary, but is it?Maine will be the first state in the union to allow ranked voting.This eliminates runoffs and ensures, through second choice selections, a majority vote for the election.

Do we take hurricanes seriously?Florida Today’s John McCarthy has a column that points out that we don’t and why we should.


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