Back to Business-WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY Style

While we dodged Dorian our east coast neighbors to the north aren’t so lucky.The Carolina coast is in the target zone with increased intensity.

As we get back to normal there’s a Texas school that someone needs to get under control, #metoo has become a punch line and Jussie Smollett’s attorneys have become comedians.Speaking of, Whoopie Goldberg has stood up for you; President Trump has removed some government intrusion imposed by the Obama administration and Governor DeSantis has earned kudos for his handling of Hurricane Dorian.

Oh, and apparently SOP is back in Tallahassee as a Democratic Senate leader has announced his divorce and a relationship with a lobbyist.FLORIDAPOLITICS.COM has decided to not name his female partner in the sheets, but could a lobbyist have any more influence than this with a lawmaker?

And since Dorian coverage robbed us of 3 days of conversation, we’ll WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY today and tomorrow so you can catch up on what we might have been discussing.


Dorian still a threat to the east coast

TX needs to get this school under control

Is #metoo now a punch line?

Smollett’s attorneys unbelievable in claim

Whoopie stands up for you?

President removes Obama era government intrusion

Governor gets kudos after Dorian response

Florida Senate home to more hanky panky

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