Operation StormWatch: Winding Down

We begin the day thankful.Dorian had been a monster storm and had devastated the Bahamas.By the grace of God it was not the same for the Space Coast.While Dorian marches on to points northward we can only hope and pray that the rest of the east coast enjoys the same fortunes we have.

Today we’ll conclude our coverage of Dorian and go back to life as normal for WMMB. Barring any unexpected developments, we’ll give you two days of WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY style BML on Thursday and Friday to let you get it all off your chest.

We’ll talk with AccuWeather to get the wrap on Dorian and Sheriff Wayne Ivey to see just how Brevard fared during the storm.And, as always, we’ll take your thoughts along the way.


Dorian’s History and Progression

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