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Brevard County Could Get Worst Of Hurricane Dorian 

(Melbourne, FL) -- Brevard County may be dealing with the worst of Hurricane Dorian. The National Weather Service had a Hurricane Warning and a Storm Surge Warning in effect for the county. Last night saw the storm make its closest approach to the coast when it was about 60 miles offshore. Storm surge was expected to reach five feet, and meteorologists say beach erosion could be severe.  

Outages Reported In Brevard County 

(Titusville, FL) -- Florida Power and Light started getting reports of power outages last night. No exact number is available, but FPL says work is already underway to get the lights back on. They also say crews will be out restoring power as long as conditions allow, and they won't stop until every affected customer is restored.  

Almost 2K Seek Shelter In Volusia County 

(DeLand, FL) -- Volusia County residents are being warned not to take Hurricane Dorian lightly. The storm weakened yesterday, but County Manager George Recktenwald warns a slight shift to the west could make a big difference. About 18-hundred residents have already taken to shelters, and Recktenwald advises everyone to find a safe place and hunker down until the storm passes.  

Florida Officials Warn Of Hurricane Dorian Charity Scams 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- The Florida Attorney General's office is warning residents of scams. Officials say Hurricane Dorian gives scam artists the opportunity to pretend to collect donations to help with disaster relief efforts. Instead, consumers are advised to use the website Check-A-Charity to make sure they are donating to something reputable. The Florida Consumer Action Network specifically warns to be careful of making donations online or through links in mass emails. 

Two Men Accused Of Stealing Sandbags In Volusia County 

(Volusia County, FL) -- Two men are facing charges in Volusia County for alleged looting. Forty-three-year-old Thaylon Lewis and 45-year-old Joseph Colombo are accused of stealing sandbags from a construction site. A sergeant happened to be driving by and caught the thieves in action in Daytona Beach. Officials say over 100-thousand sandbags were made available for free in Volusia County.

Donors Raise Money For Woman Who Sheltered Stray Dogs During Hurricane 

(Bahamas) -- More than 65-thousand-dollars have been raised for a woman in the Bahamas who sheltered nearly 100 stray dogs during Hurricane Dorian. Chella Phillips went viral with her Facebook post on Sunday about the 97 dogs she had inside her Nassau house as the Category 5 storm began hammering the island. She shared images of the dogs hanging out inside her house, and told people that she was playing music to help distract them. The woman said all of the homeless dogs were getting along, and she was heartbroken that she had to leave so many of them out on the street but said she had no more room. 

Texas Group Pulls Gun, Demands Popeye's Chicken Sandwiches 

(Houston, TX) -- Police in Texas are looking for the people who demanded Popeye's chicken sandwiches at gunpoint. Word is they went to the drive-thru window Monday night at a Houston location and were told the place was out of chicken sandwiches. Authorities say the two women and three men stormed the front door of the restaurant and made it clear they were not going to take "no chicken" for an answer. An employee locked the front door before they could get in. No one was hurt and police are working to identify the hungry culprits. 


1997, the last Ford Thunderbird rolled off the assembly line.

1962, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison began recording together as The Beatles for the first time.

1957, the first Edsel rolled off the assembly line. The car featured 27 items not included on any other cars. Among the items featured were cruise control, electric door locks and four headlights.

1951, more than 14-million people saw President Harry S. Truman address the opening of the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference in San Francisco. His speech became the first coast-to-coast television broadcast.

1882, Thomas Edison displayed the first practical electrical lighting system with a demonstration on one square mile of New York City.

1833, ten-year-old Barney Flaherty of New York became the first paperboy. He earned the job by answering an advertisement in the "New York Sun."

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