Anticipating Dorian

The Heinz Ketchup commercial sang of a good kind of anticipation (thanks to Carly Simon). What we have been experiencing for about a week now is not exactly the same thing. Dorian is a record setting storm. Not something we desire.In spite of our desires, we’re going to have to face it down. We’ve talked little else since last Thursday and it will continue until we get through this.

From the weekend: Saturday night I went to dinner and driving around Melbourne and beachside it was like a ghost town. Have you folks evacuated or hunkered down already?

There is some humor and wonder at who we are as people as adversity brings out stress and stress tends to reveal just who we are. The Publix Dorian cakes are the launching point. Uber is stepping up to help with evacuations. Some Florida nursing homes have failed to comply with the law requiring industrial generators.4,400 Florida National Guardsmen have been activated in advance of Dorian’s arrival.

Ken Holiday joins me for today’s BML and we’ll go an extra hour as we prepare for Dorian and all it brings. From 10am-8pm we’ll have special statewide programming for a Labor Day that may as well be evacuation day. Depending on the storm activity when that’s done we’ll either hit normal programming or go into 24/7 Dorian coverage for the duration. We have new options available to us for covering this storm that you’ll enjoy.

And just like always, we’ll get through this together.


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