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Dorian Described As Life-Threatening 

(Melbourne, FL) -- Hurricane Dorian is not to be underestimated. The National Weather Service said yesterday the storm is becoming increasingly dangerous and life-threatening. Landfall is expected Monday afternoon, but forecasters haven't pinpointed a location. Florida's entire east coast is at risk. Governor Ron DeSantis yesterday expanded a State of Emergency to cover the entire state.  

National Guard Activated Ahead Of Dorian 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Tallahassee is readying for a quick response to Hurricane Dorian. Governor Ron DeSantis visited the Emergency Operations Center in Brevard County yesterday to monitor response efforts. Afterwards, he announced 25-hundred National Guard members have been activated, and another 15-hundred are on standby. Fifteen urban search and rescue teams are also on standby, and DeSantis says all available state resources are being prepared. 

Effects Of Dorian Could Hit Brevard County Tomorrow 

(Titusville, FL) -- Landfall could be days away, but the effects of Hurricane Dorian could be felt sooner. Forecasters say parts of Brevard County could get strong winds from the storm tomorrow night. The board of county commissioners yesterday issued a local State of Emergency. They say the storm poses a risk to life, property and infrastructure.Hurricane Dorian's speed will determine where in Florida it makes landfall. A fast-moving storm would hit South Florida, but a slower storm would likely hit further north.

Meteorologist Speculates On Possibility Of Double Landfall 

(Pensacola, FL) -- Panhandle residents should be prepared for what one meteorologist calls a nightmare scenario. Even though Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall on the Atlantic coast, there's a possibility it could move west across the state and make a second landfall in the Panhandle. That's what happened with Hurricanes Andrew and Erin in the 1990s. A National Weather Service meteorologist tells the News Journal the possibility of a double landfall increases the further south Dorian makes its initial landfall.  

Popeyes Sued Over Lack Of Chicken Sandwiches 

(East Ridge, TN) -- Popeyes is being sued after running out of their new, wildly popular chicken sandwiches. Craig Barr of East Ridge, Tennessee has filed a lawsuit in what he says is an attempt to hold the fast food chain accountable, because "Who runs out of chicken?" He tells WTVC he wasted countless hours trying to track down one of the sandwiches that ended up selling out earlier this week. He even went so far as to respond to a Craigslist ad from someone claiming to know a Popeyes employee who could get him what he wanted for 24 bucks. When that fell through, Barr took his complaints to court, filing suit against Popeyes for false advertising and deceptive business practices.   

Colorado Couple Fights Off Bear With Bat, Bare Hands 

(Pine, CO) -- A ten-year-old female bear is dead following a kitchen invasion in Colorado. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the bear was euthanized after wandering into a home in Pine where an elderly couple live. Seventy-one-year-old Jon Johnson told officials that when the bear entered his kitchen they began tussling, with the bear swiping at Johnson and Johnson punching the animal in the face. Johnson's wife came down and hit the bear repeatedly with a baseball bat before it ran out. The man suffered cuts to his face and arms as well as long gashes to hit chest. Officials confirmed the same bear's death, saying it had "human protein" under its claws and trash in its stomach. 


2005, martial law was declared in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana due to the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. Jefferson Parish residents were ordered to stay away from the parish, located north of New Orleans, until it was deemed safe for them to return. 

1993, "Late Show with David Letterman" debuted on CBS Television.

1990, Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Junior became the first father and son to play together on the same team -- the Seattle Mariners. Both father and son singled in the first inning.

1983, U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Guion Bluford became the first African-American in space when he blasted off aboard space shuttle Challenger.

1967, the U.S. Senate confirmed the appointment of Thurgood Marshall as the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

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