Holiday Weekend? Nope- Hurricane Weekend

Brevard’s EOC will begin ramping up today and be in full swing during the weekend.Colleges have announced their closings and we wait to see what Dorian will do.Projections for strength and intensity are like we have not seen in Brevard for over 30 years.Prepare, people, please prepare.

In our typical fare we have what was happening in classrooms regarding non-weapons is moving into the courtroom.NASCAR is moving away from its traditional customer base and the racing giant’s advertisers aren’t liking it.And staying in the sports world we have one woman who has a legitimate chance of making onto the field of play in the NFL.I’m liking the idea.

Yesterday we took a call from Michael in Melbourne Beach; he had some very good tips about hurricane preparation.I know many of you have good ideas and experiences to share.We’ll open it up today for your hurricane tips and tidbits.As we prepare for Dorian what can you share with this audience that may be of help?



Brevard EOC activating today then ramping up

Colleges closing ahead of the storm

The rest:

From the classroom to the courtroom

Is NASCAR being Yuppiefied?

Women in (men’s) sport

DARPA wants underground facility info by today

John Morgan, Andrew Gillum at each other hard

Vocational education group under fire by state DOE

Sirois plan shifts, may entice Port

Nope, the Port doesn’t like it

Making (bad) life decisions due to climate change

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