Playing Politics Bart Simpson Style

Given that the City of Melbourne has stopped its volunteer golf ranger program and a federal investigator has ruled they should have been paid for the services provided, is it time to look at hospitals?Candy Stripers have been a mainstay in the houses of healing since long before my time.Is it time the hospitals pay the price for these volunteers? What’s the difference?

Remember our discussion earlier this year when the SAT folks added the “adversity score” to the test in order to make up ground for kids with tough backgrounds? Well, those scores are now gone.

In the Bart Simpson style politics of yesterday two Brevard lawmakers and the Sheriff held a press conference where, “I know you are, but what am I,” seemed to be the point of the day. They made a good point, a good political point that has rocked Brevard democrats into unbelievable and outlandish denials. The Sheriff was given the opportunity to lay out a rookie reporter from his perceived rival Florida Today. Brevard’s democrats are taking a serious credibility hit here and one reporter got a lesson in knowing a bit about the topic matter before making accusations in the form of a question.

John Morgan spoke in Tallahassee and he went after his new favorite target- Andrew Gillum.

In our final hour Judge A. B. Majeed will be with us. The judge is celebrating 50 years in the United States.Few people show the passion for this country like Judge Majeed and he’s also got another Supreme Court dramatization coming up as he brings American history to life.


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