WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Attack of the Alphabet People

We open our day with the Attack of the Alphabet People, you know, those folks you can’t criticize lest you be forever identified as some kind of bigot no matter how much common sense you have to check at the door to get to their mindset. Leading the defense is Dave Chappelle a comedian whose insights have made him a target of the intolerant. Backing up the point is a story from Great Britain where sex change counseling is about to be available to kids as young as three!

In Melbourne we have to wonder if it’s time to stop Candy Stripers from operating in Florida’s hospitals. If volunteers must be paid, what makes a hospital any different than a city run golf course?

Richard Corcoran has not changed his stripes since leaving the Florida House and becoming the Secretary of Education for the state. He is forceful and demanding and he’s still getting his way. While we’re in Tallahassee it looks like the Democrats (and likely several Republicans) are intent on coming after your guns in the next legislative session. Watch this one closely, boys and girls; the Senate has already declared this ‘the issue of our time.”

Brevard Representative Tyler Sirois has tweaked his proposal that the Port contribute to lagoon restoration. The Port Commission may just be listening.

With all that in play, today is till your day on BML. WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY turns topic selection over to you. So, what’s it going to be?If it’s on your mind it’s on BML!


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