WEEK ZERO: Brevard’s Heart & Bad Football

The weekend began with Brevard doing what it does best- showing love to families in need.Saturday brought…football.Some was good and some was bad.The good was my grandson’s Pop Warner game. That was the good game.Then NCAA football kicked off with a game in what they called WEEK ZERO.It’s a week before other teams take the field to open the season.They should have taken the extra week to practice because the game was ugly.Both UF and The Miami Hurricanes were sloppy and it appeared to be a battle of the unprepared.The announcers tried to provide cover by reminding us that the college kids don’t have preseason games to tweak their game.And THEN, the after game antics were even worse.Sadly, I even saw some of that at my grandson’s game.We as a people are a despicable lot.We need to grow up.

On the upside an Ormond Beach dad figured out you can fight City Hall and win.If protecting children is important, and it is, why do some laws jeopardize them and their parents when the parents are trying to do just that?

Sean Connery played a Space Marshal in OUTLAND. It looks like the job may be necessary as we have our first committed space crime.

Back on Earth the Florida legislature voted as expected and there will be no special session on gun control.That won’t kill the issue.Look for it to kick up as early as committee weeks in September.In Brevard the County Commission is the middle man in the TDC/BCA dust up for dollars.Fearing they may somehow kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, the two organizations have decided to kiss and make up.The Viera East community is up in arms over an assessment for community improvements that appear centered on the golf course that is the centerpiece of the HOA.


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