Truth, Tourism and Torres

The truth is a valuable thing.Speaking it clearly lends understanding to the subject matter at hand.Bending words to fit an agenda serves to hide the truth and blurs the picture of reality.No wonder San Francisco is playing word games.

Gillette may have found just what is “the best a man can get” as their profits went down after going anti-male in its advertising this past year.When you target your primary customer with negative assumptions in pursuit of a social agenda you’ve forgotten your purpose.

Facebook conducted an internal investigation.Can you believe there are concerns about how they treat conservatives?

An internal audit of the Office of Tourism has revealed what many of us have suspected for years.They have problems…right here in river city.The county commission is in the middle of the battle between the TDC and the Brevard Cultural Alliance.They are seeking compromise.The question is, just how much fleecing is the commission willing to accept?

Florida Today’s John Torres hosts the Murder on the Space Coast podcast.The investigation into Brandy Hall’s disappearance is ongoing and it’s a cadaver search.Have they found her and can a case be made against the potential murderer if they have?John joins us at eight o’clock.


Coddling the uncoddlable

The best a man can get- is when he’s insulted by Gillette

Internal Facebook investigation- how they treat conservatives

Office of Tourism/TDC audit reveals problems

Commission gutless on BCA, BCA promises to be good boys

Train construction causing angst…what will trains do?

Florida joins national voter registration database

If D’s can’t get support in the US, they go to Mexico

Making (bad) life decisions due to climate change

Brevard’s “rental crisis”

President Trump-Considers ending birthright citizenship

Sheriff Israel- It wasn’t me!

John Torres: the search for Brandy Hall

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