Epstein Merchandise on Amazon- You Buying?

With more than we can ever get to, we embark on a Thursday morning.

Epstein merchandise is for sale on Amazon.Are you buying?Piers Morgan, a liberal in his own right, goes after the “pathetically liberal.”A game changing court ruling has given immeasurable power to one, just one, elector.

It’s apparent in the president’s comments on Jews who vote democrat that Mr. Trump is a White Nationalist…or is it?The president is considering ending birthright citizenship, while we’ll like the idea, can he do it?

While one sheriff pushes the guardian program for our schools another, Scott Israel is sounding like recording artist Shaggy as he proclaims, “It wasn’t me!”Education officials are asking for more state money for school security while the governor wants to focus on “threat assessment.”

And those are just the first 9 stories in the stack for today…we may not make it to all of those, and yet, we have more.

I’ve posted Florida Today’s Eye on Brevard video to my blog page this morning along with the show page and Mick’s Morning news.In the video Isadora Rangel and I discuss several Brevard-focused issues in a fast paced hour of television.Let’s get to our day.


You buying this? Epstein merchandise on Amazon

Piers Morgan calls out the “pathetically liberal”

This could be a movie…and it’s dangerous

President Trump must be a white nationalist

Considers ending birthright citizenship

Gualtieri defends Guardian program…makes a point

Schools want more $ for security

DeSantis wants “threat assessment” focus

Sheriff Israel- It wasn’t me!

Commission gutless on BCA, BCA promises to be good boys

Florida joins national voter registration database

Internal Facebook investigation- how they treat conservatives

If D’s can’t get support in the US, they go to Mexico

Making (bad) life decisions due to climate change

Brevard’s “rental crisis”

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