After the show today your day with me is not over.Florida Today’s Eye on Brevard airs on WEFS-TV, Spectrum channels 9 and 1068, at 11:30am, 4:30 and 10pm.Isadora Rangel and I hit on a number of topics that are in play here on the Space Coast.It’s a fast paced half hour that you’ll enjoy.

From an innovative mother to paranoid and elitist legislators we cover the spectrum on today’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.Of course, that’s only enhanced when you bring your topic to the table at 321.768.1240.

As the entry level job market continues to clamor for $15 an hour, McDonald’s is opening an employee free restaurant.Do you believe the “hunting deplorables” movie was intended to unify us?Can you believe the elected class sees itself as above the rest of us?While one sheriff defends the guardian program for protecting our schools the democrats in Tallahassee have forced a vote on a gun grabbing special session.

President Trump must be a white nationalist.The county commission must be gutless and the democrats must be desperate.We’ve got all this and whatever is on your mind on tap for today’s Bill Mick LIVE.So, what’s it to be?


Atta girl, mom!

Keep asking for $15 an hour

Hunting deplorables movie intent was to unify

Elected class wants reporters curtailed

Legislature votes on gun control special session

Gualtieri defends Guardian program…makes a point

President Trump must be a white nationalist

Commission gutless on BCA, BCA promises to be good boys

If D’s can’t get support in the US, they go to Mexico

Making (bad) life decisions due to climate change

An interesting read- The coolest internships

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