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Belongings Of Missing Boater Found 

(St. Augustine, FL) -- Friends and family are confident two missing boaters will be found even after days of searching. Brian McCluney and Justin Walker went fishing Friday off Brevard County and haven't been seen since. A bag belonging to McCluney was found yesterday about 50 miles off St. Augustine. McCluney is a Jacksonville firefighter, and the fire chief says McCluney has the survival skills and the experience on the water to stay alive for a long time.  

Brevard County To Consider Banning Biosolids 

(Titusville, FL) -- Brevard County may move toward banning a controversial environmental practice. The county commission today will discuss banning biosolids for use as fertilizer. Biosolids are the remnants of treated sewage, and their use as a fertilizer has raised concerns about water pollution. There's a question as to whether a ban is legal, and some farmers disagree that biosolids are causing water pollution. 

Homeowner Holds Intruder At Gunpoint 

(DeLand, FL) -- A homeowner is credited with stopping a possible burglary in Volusia County. While the unidentified man and his wife were sleeping yesterday morning, Felipe Silba entered their home and went into their bedroom. The man woke up, grabbed a gun and held Silba until deputies arrived. No one was hurt, and Silba, who claimed he was at the wrong house, was taken into custody.  

Student Found With Gun At School 

(Avon Park, FL) -- A student in Highlands County is credited with seeing something and saying something. Acting on a tip from a student yesterday, police arrested another student for bringing a gun to Avon Park High School. The handgun was found loaded in the 17-year-old suspect's book bag. Deputies say the suspect was in custody less than three minutes after an SRO was approached with the tip.  

Broward Man 'Feels Stupid' After Altercation Over Wheelbarrow 

(Oakland Park, FL) -- After a month of reflection, a Broward County man feels stupid about an incident that could have cost him his life. That's what Todd Beavers said yesterday about a run-in with another man over a wheelbarrow found in a pile of trash outside a home in Oakland Park last month. Beavers took the wheelbarrow, but the other man wanted it, too, and chased Beavers while carrying a sword. Beavers escaped injury, but he tells 7News he regrets risking his life over something so stupid that he didn't even need.

Study: People Who Use More Emojis Have More Sex 

(Bloomington, IN) -- A new study reports that people who use more emojis in online communications have more sex. Researchers at The Kinsey Institute surveyed more than five-thousand people and found that people who use more emojis went on more first dates and had more sex. They said people who use emojis often are more successful at establishing connections and that creates more opportunities for "romantic and sexual engagement." The researchers had to admit they don't know which emojis are most effective in helping people connect.

Four-Inch Worm Removed From Man's Skull 

(China) -- A Chinese man is recovering after the removal of a worm from his skull. Doctors in South China say the 59-year-old man suffered from headaches for decades, indicating that the four-inch worm might have been in the man's skull for more than 30 years. The man recently went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a parasitic infection. He underwent surgery to remove the translucent worm which was still alive after its removal. Experts say drinking river water or eating undercooked frogs can lead to these infections, both of which the man said were popular habits in his mountain village. 


1998, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky endured a second round of explicit testimony about her relationship with President Bill Clinton.

1989, "Saved by the Bell" debuted on NBC.

1975, the U.S. launched the unmanned Viking One spacecraft on its trip to Mars.

1974, Nolan Ryan became the first man to have a pitch clocked at over 100 miles-per-hour. Ryan hurled his famous pitch at a pace of 100-point-four miles-per-hour.

1866, President Andrew Johnson formally declared an end to the Civil War. 

1741, Danish explorer Vitus Jonas Bering discovered Alaska. The Bering Sea was named after him.

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